Feb 212010

Eran EisenDo you see fashion as a form of art?

Yes, I do. Dressing is a code of communication and as such it reflects our expression.

Can you describe from an artistic point of view the experience of haut-couture fashion shows? Many designers put together magnificent shows which go far beyond exhibiting nice clothes, light, music and special effects being carefully chosen to create surreal atmosphere that unites several art forms in a unique, breathtaking experience.

Haut-Couture is defined as the artistic side of fashion. It is where the designer is able to perform his real creativity with which he identifies himself. Putting on haut-couture clothes is a unique experience. Everything feels in place!! It has changed my perspective on clothes. It made me feel incredible inside, I’m wearing a statement.

What about Israeli fashion and designers?

Israel hardly has fashion because the climate does not allow it and since there is no demand for it on a daily basis… To say the truth I’m not familiar with young designers here. Personally I love Italian Design; Armani is my favourite because the classic design appeals to me the most.

Feb 212010

Panait IstratiEndowed with exceptional qualities and moreover having received a remarkable education, Eustatiu Stoenescu created an oeuvre, which focused attention on him on three continents: Europe, North America an Asia. Thus, his participation in the great exhibitions of the time or his one-man shows in Paris, Venice, New York, London, Rome, Geneva, Bucharest etc. brought him the unanimous appreciation of experts, critics, the press and the art collectors. Numerous prizes, special honours as well as the purchase of his paintings for great museums and private collections from France, Italy, the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, and Holland etc. established him internationally. He was born in 1884, in Craiova, Romania and he died in 1957 in New York.

A painter about whom one can doubtlessly state that he created his own style, Eustatiu Stoenescu lent to his work homogeneousness, force and character, without ever trying to demonstrate his capacity to innovate, succeeded in achieving and asserting his originality.