Mar 012011

Eran Eisenby Héctor Martínez Sanz

In 2000, Eran Eisen published his book of poems Between Us, a biographical versified essay on romantic experiences. I read several of these poems in Niram Art magazine (Nº15-16), 9 years after their publication. More than ever, I found precision of the expression and of the use of language. Eran Eisen exemplifies with his poetry the constant battle of the poem with the word, the struggle between emotion and reason. And it is not casual, as one is about to discover.

Eran Eisen is a genuine strategist of writing. In Present You, his business website, I found a text entitled “Business Writing”, in which he pedagogically instructs us on the use of the expression and language and their consequences on our objectives. This is where one understands that writing can be a powerful tool when properly mastered.