Feb 222010


Trofeu de Bogdan ater

In cei trei ani de la inaugurarea ICR Madrid, numerosi spanioli au contribuit la promovarea culturii si civilizatiei romane in Spania. La incheierea mandatului sau, directorul ICR Madrid, Horia Barna, a decis sa acorde premii personalitatilor care l-au sprijinit concret si constant pe parcursul misiunii sale diplomatice si i-au oferit colaborarea, pentru ca institutia sa devina cunoscuta in teritoritoriul spaniol.

Prin aceasta initiativa, Horia Barna doreste sa isi exprime recunostinta si gratitudinea fata de sase dintre personalitatile spaniole care au sustinut promovarea culturii romanesti în Spania. In acest sens, se organizeaza Gala de Decernare a Premiilor AMICUS ROMANIAE, care va avea loc pe 10 martie, la Centrul Cultural al Armatei – Cazino Militar din Madrid.

Feb 212010

    A lo largo de los últimos años hemos asistido a grandes reportajes mediáticos por un equipo cosmopolita, sensibilizado para las cuestiones fundamentales relacionadas con la importancia de la descentralización de la cultura y su divulgación al mundo. Apostando en un proyecto de […]

Feb 212010

Being only an adventurer at the beginning of my journey into this world of mysteries that is the Hebrew Language, I will not try to give any explicit information on its history, development and grammatical singularities. All this is available in professional terms in many books and freely on the Internet and I would only copy the words of the specialists. I will neither speak about the hidden “information” – numerology and the Kabalah. The Bible’s code – in Hebrew, of course – is another example of the obsession that the study of this language may generate. For this, you can also use Google or the Discovery extensive documentaries on it. I have never been attracted by numbers, only by words and sounds.

We all speak of ART, Literature being one of the known forms of art (I say “Known” because the future may reserve us many discoveries in the artistic field, too), Music another one. Between the Word and the Sound, there stands the Image – the “fine arts” of painting, sculpture, photography and so on. Man has always tried to put his thoughts and feelings in images and sounds since the early days of the cave drawings and rudimentary musical instruments.

But we often forget the primordial form of art, sadly seen today only as a speech mechanism, a tool of communication, something less artistic because of its utility. Isn’t language a form of Art? Today, there are thousands of languages in the world, ancient or more recent, each and one of them beautiful and exciting.

Feb 212010

Lucia Muntean

Tell me 3 characteristics that belong only to photography.

The spontaneity of photography – the possibility to obtain a complete work of art in a split second. It is due to this fact that photography has gained its place among the new artistic trends. Photography clearly has a documentary value which is far more superior to painting. Photography can render an image from reality and this can turn into evidence in a trial for instance, whereas the realism in painting cannot render it with such precision. Photography has become extremely accessible and easily obtained because of the development of the digital technology, but this also makes it more commonplace.